Redesigning how asylum lawyers and NGO case workers gain access and share information to prove asylum claims

Working in a field that is dominated by legal thinking, we were interested in exploring a new methodology to find solutions for accessing information for asylum claims. Asylos teamed up with the students of the HPI School of Design Thinking at the University of Potsdam to tackle some of the wicked challenges to researching information for asylum claims. For example, how can you access hyper-local information for claims? How can you tap into information locked up in pdf files or individual researchers? What are smart ways of sifting through large sets of data that is available on the situation in the country of origin of the asylum seekers?

Over two months, the students of the HPI School for Design Thinking will work together with Asylos to develop a “blue print” for an online tool that will help access and share information for asylum claims. The project will start in June 2016.

Interested to find out more about design thinking? Take the virtual crash course on design thinking from the at the University Stanford and take a look at this video below to find out what design thinking can do for social innovation.

This project is conducted in collaboration with the HPI School of Design Thinking.