Asylum claims need evidence

We are a pan-European volunteer network that finds vital information to help refugees fleeing war, violence, and persecution to claim their right to asylum. Over the past five years, we have produced more than 250 research notes to support asylum claims. 


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Asylos is a pan-European network of volunteers researching information for asylum claims. Each of us donates at least two hours per week to look for the facts that help asylum seekers prove they are facing persecution at home and therefore need protection guaranteed by the right to asylum. We are motivated by the impact we have on individual lives and by the satisfaction of using our experience and skills towards a shared vision:  to give every refugee a fair opportunity to present their case. 



We are more than 80 volunteers who donate two hours per week to research information for asylum claims. We also have a board of Trustees, an Advisory Board, a management team – and a volunteer coordination group that helps run the network.

Join our pan-European network of researchers
and make our legal system fair.

We envision a future where a network like ours will no longer be needed. A future where refugees and their counsel have equal access to information held by governments. Where legal aid pays for digging up facts that asylum-seekers must produce to be granted their right to stay. Where ignorance and prejudice have receded from our society and institutions. Where Europe's old fear of migration gives way to tales of courage and opportunity. Where refugees, some of the most vulnerable people amongst us, are met with respect rather than suspicion, with humanity rather than hostility. 

We are rewarded by the experience of seeing our rigorous research make a difference where it matters. Through our work with their lawyers, we empower refugees to defend their rights. By searching for facts, we work to make the legal system more just. 

Case by case, we mobilize citizens across Europe to defend the right to asylum.


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